DutchMaster Loom

Inspired by Erica de Ruiter’s traveling loom


Designed for:

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  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Knocks down flat
  • Allows transport with warp in place
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Carries with only one hand
  • Fits on back seat of car
  • Built to fit most workshop tables
  • Loom package contains everything needed to weave – except warp, of course

Fabric Quality

  • Moderate shed (1” to 1.25”) used with supplied shuttles (our mini stick shuttle) or a recommended damask shuttle (0.5” height damask shuttle from Glimakra or Bluster Bay), allows firm tension with firm shed floor
  • Rising shed loom with shed as similar to CB or CM as possible (narrow shed allows firm tension on warp)
  • 32 teeth on tension ratchets allow fine tuning on warp tension
  • Sliding beater guarantees perpendicular beat
  • Beats firmly and evenly


  • Standard Texsolv heddles allow coarse to very fine warps
  • Multiple Reed sizes available
  • Works with most warp materials – from wool to linen, including handspun yarn
  • Can easily be used as inkle or card or bead loom by removing beater assembly and using appropriate shuttle
  • 8 shafts standard
  • Use only the heddle frames needed for project – no need to leave the others mounted

Ease of Use

  • Warps easily with beater and heddle frames removed
  • Raddle included – fits in the castle
  • Turning tool included for easier beam turning
  • Heddle frames lift with finger action – avoids repetitive wrist and shoulder strain
  • Sliding beater easy to use – also helps to clear shed before next weft insertion

We are proud of our little loom – it weaves “real cloth”. To achieve this, however, compromises have been made. It is physically impossible to include all the features and roominess of a floor loom on what is essentially a miniature loom. We have tested it with warps from 8/2 Donegal wool to 35/1 linen – from 8 epi to 50 epi – including a handspun warp of mixed fibers – dark brown alpaca and champagne silk/camel.

If you are interested in a Dutch Master loom and have questions, please use our INQUIRY FORM or

call us at: 920-907-0510.