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The 10" Dutch Master Loom has a larger sibling - the 40/16. This loom is built from the same design as the smaller version, using scaled parts. That means that all the wear parts have been made sturdier to allow the stronger tension needed for a wider loom.

16" weaving width allows runners, placemats, tote bags and many more larger items to be woven. The same 8 shafts that you mount only when needed. Same sliding beater. The loom DOES weigh more, but still fits in the black tackle bag that we sell for the smaller loom. Naturally, not as many extras like yarn and extra shuttles fit.

Price for DutchMaster 40/16 including 600 heddles, reed of choice, lease sticks, raddle, stick shuttle, fishing weight temple and tool for easier warp beam turning


Hans shown with the first of the larger looms on the way to Convergence in Grand Rapids - June 2006.
8 shafts – use only those you need  
Colored handles on shafts to help mark your pattern Knocks down – even when warped. Simply unscrew the warp and cloth beams and lift out the project, roll up and store. The rest of the loom packs flat in the bottom of a medium sized suitcase. While it won’t necessarily qualify as carry on, it makes this loom light and easy to carry to conventions and workshops – or on longer vacation trips. Small enough for RV’s and vacation homes.

Texsolv heddles

Uses Standard Swedish reeds Use it as a shaft loom for narrow projects. Holds up to ca. 7 yards of finer threads. Perfect for mug rug or bookmark exchanges. The 16" width also allows for pillow covers, tote bags, placemats and runners, guest towels and much more.
36-tooth ratchets front and back for fine tuning the tension Remove the beater and work with a belt shuttle – makes a great tape loom. OR hang your cards on the warp and use it for tablet weaving.
Rubber feet and non-slip mat included Without shafts, doubles as a simple bead loom.
Use newspaper or advertising inserts as packing material. Works well with fine threads. Use it for those miniature doll house projects
29.5” depth provides good shedding. Sliding beater weaves right up to the breast beam for a generous weaving area. Designed to be a real loom that produces “real cloth”.  
Loom Specs: Weight 17 Pounds


Width: 19”


Depth: 29.5”


16” Weaving width


8 Shafts
Sliding Beater
8 Shaft Frames Mini boat shuttle
Lease sticks Extra reeds
Stick shuttle Carrying Bag
Pickup Stick Wooden Temple
600 heddles  
One reed of choice  
Innovative Weighted Temple  



Loom Package, complete




Mini-Boat Shuttle

See Weaving Accessories for Shuttles

Extra Reed

Stainless $45 ( 8-dent & 10-dent)

$50 ( 12 & 15-dent )

Extra Stick Shuttle


Carry Bag


2nd Set of Beams/extra Shaft Frames

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The first DutchMaster 40/16 with maiden warp - a linen runner for the hospitality table at the shop .
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